Love and Chemistry

Love is what happens when you, without preconditions, or in disregard of such, accept someone; care for them in spite of their weaknesses or shortcomings. They may not be where you are but your heart does not recognize that physical fact; you reach out to them across the distance and whatever dividing circumstance and your decisions do not only say what you want but what they’d have also wanted were they around.

Chemistry is what happens when you come in close quarters with a figure of your fantasies. It is that feeling that makes your heart jump beats and sends your hormones on a fast race, while inflaming your libido. Most times it has far less care to give once the urge has been satisfied. Even if it does go beyond that, your relational existence becomes a habit that waits to be satisfied by pleasurable strokes that would fizzles away like magic once confronted with reality. This is when the foundation is built on racing chemicals.

When it is chemistry, you can really choose who it is because they already exist in your imagination, consciously or otherwise. The mere appearance of your idol will always trigger an affinity that will unleash your feelings and other tendencies, and all you will desire is an urgent attachment, usually sexual.

But you can not choose who you love, or can you? Because love is something that gradually germinates and possesses your heart, even if with the least expected candidate, and mostly it doesn’t have to go behind your libido.

It is easy to accept the delusions of chemistry these days, and although necessary in a relationship, it is not as reliable as a platonic acceptance and a gradual progression; it is also in no way a prerequisite to love.


  1. You wrote this so well, and I agree with the point you made too.

  2. Of course you can choose who you love!!!
    As far as I'm concerned, love is by choice and you choose to love whom you love regardless...

  3. Hang on a sec...did my post just disappear into thing air or is there comment moderation on here?
    Okay...I said...
    Of course you can choose who you love!
    Love is by choice, you choose to love whom you love regardless...


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