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This Dream won't Make me

This dream started in a dream calling it a dream But making no effort to meddle This dream woke me up from the Day-mares of reality – Lay me in a rock chair While fanning my whims and mesmerizing me In the ambience of deep buried fantasies This dream got me loathing those without a dream Gave me not a ground upon to stand but The universe in my hand This dream gave me armor for skin Denied my make-believe and saw not my sin This dream is a cross between obsession and Blatant disregard for popular opinion This dream made me smile With my eyes rolled-up in a deep sleep And my lips dry-tight When the world was immersed in The darkness of the night This dream found me This dream promised to take me, and I wait to go Knowing it will take me nowhere 2009© J.ifeme

Seconds Unguarded

Flash of wonder moment Heart-race without umpire These stealthy gropes season Our parapraxes - This second-long gaze, bashful smiles; I love you I love you too And we recede to apprehension But it’s hard to live a dream If the soul is in chains 2009© J.Ifeme

Over And Above

There is a plain on every mountain, Unseen. Blind to it are the eyes The feet don't realise It lies in wait for the wise - A mind unhindered by illussion Of vision. There is a plain on every mountain, Unseen. Where the grasses still are lush Blue skies wash the clouds All the turmoils go hush! And anew the eyes will see The hearts will gladly leap - Gentle wind will whisper peace There is a plain on the mountain Of every worry If we only can climb and not fret There true joy hovers 2009(C)J.Ifeme

When a Nation Weeps

But I am not old enough to know When men put their lives on the line In the name of freedom For a nation so promising, its land grew promises. I am not mystical enough to know The future, Know what fate awaits the sun; What end will meet a man That rapes his mother And stripes her of her riches To furnish another woman. Though I see men go to jail Because they didn’t steal enough I see men glorified Because their loot speak so loud. 2009© J.Ifeme

Love and Chemistry

Love is what happens when you, without preconditions, or in disregard of such, accept someone; care for them in spite of their weaknesses or shortcomings. They may not be where you are but your heart does not recognize that physical fact; you reach out to them across the distance and whatever dividing circumstance and your decisions do not only say what you want but what they’d have also wanted were they around. Chemistry is what happens when you come in close quarters with a figure of your fantasies. It is that feeling that makes your heart jump beats and sends your hormones on a fast race, while inflaming your libido. Most times it has far less care to give once the urge has been satisfied. Even if it does go beyond that, your relational existence becomes a habit that waits to be satisfied by pleasurable strokes that would fizzles away like magic once confronted with reality. This is when the foundation is built on racing chemicals. When it is chemistry, you can really choose who i


Wool white beards And leathery faces Claw like fingers waking Weak watery eye bags Loneliness whispers silence Senile smiles and Un-wandering stares Minds miles lost in the past This waning grip like Youthfulness won’t last I watch these homeless oldies A chill crawl my soul And I know This race I run This face I love This grace too in time will be gone 2009©J.Ifeme

In Their Different Chimes

A poor old man dies trying To find meaning to life. A young man looks to the sun And prays, “Lord, I must be rich or die trying.” Someone finds they could speak for God, and The people let him take the mantle The man at the church shouts, “Come to Jesus!” For everyone needs a miracle. There are far too many ways to die For death is far too creative. The old man finds a new path of peace The young man locks knuckles with crime The man with the mantle takes it all And the man at the church eats from the hungry A bell of gold A bell of silver A bell of steel All have their chimes 2009 ©J.Ifeme