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Every path of thought has been walked before, footmarks captured on sands of time; cemetaries hold far more than bones.
Numerous pleasures, pains washed in rains, but so much remain fires couldn't erase.
Past follies and wisdom sum our present perfection. Some have too much, some too little; but what difference does it make?
If you can not tap into the rich history of mankind existence,
you are living at subsistence.

Tower of Greed

O'great citadel
Carved on the shoulders of deceit
O'great citadel
Where only them can sit
Your tower of greed has kissed the skies
And here come your pillars
Crumbling and tumbling
Tumbling and crumbling

J.Ifeme Elo © 2009

Cut Now, Bleed Later

You couldn’t tell which hurts most,
you couldn’t say what next,
what else they haven’t said in this cold, cold war;
silences loud enough to shun ears, out-pound hearts.

He looks at her, she scowls away.

Someone comes by and they put up smiles,
waves, then frowns…
They look at each other, guilt flashes
and they turn away in their familiar lie.

They couldn’t tell who hurts deeper;
another talk would be another berate,
another waste of time.

And they wouldn’t know how, but they know the words,
they know they will hurt more than these cuts they bear;
these cuts they know, these cuts that have become the stamp of their union.

She knows he is no longer that man she can give her all
He knows he is slipping and she can’t stop the fall

Years of hard work reflect in the eyes of their kids
and happiness too high a cost to minus from their innocence

Yet each moment together, more slashes,
but they know the cut, they feel its slice
and they wait till they are apart
and they will grumble and will swear and
will bl…