Love is so important that we spend most of our adult lives searching for it.
We date, we lie, we compromise, we…
We preach, look, serenade, and fantasize.
And sometimes we find love and don’t even recognize it.
Some believe that love will come when you least expect it, while others think you should go out there and get it.
Some say you should work it out; a lot still expect you to go ahead with it and grow to love with time.
The obvious is that love remains the most inexplicable mystery of all human emotions.
There are times when all the indicators are right, and you are like “yeah, this must be love!” That excitement can be like no other, but the moment you settle down to savor it, everything simply dissipates and you left in distraught. But could that not have been love?
Apparently, love could sometime be a one sided craze, one person has all the right feeling but the other isn’t just stepping up, and no matter how much of it flows from on direction, it can never compensate for lack of it from the other side. Can we still call that love? Well, maybe, even though it leaves a lot of people hurt.
What interests me most is when you don’t even know you have found it, or it has found you. Love could take you to your past, it could loiter around you, be in your arms and you don’t even know because you have a different definition of it, because you have a designer packet for it and it has come in a cheap ware, because you have shut out all the true colors and are left with neon light. This is when the same banana peel you have dropped sweeps you off your feet.
Love, though some people never have to bother about it for once but they get it all, while some put in everything they have, life and all. But does it change what it truly is? I don’t think so. Love is worth every effort, every risk, and every disappointment. Love has no definite format; love may be slow but will always show, in as many ways as our faces.


  1. a mind blowing piece, very correct...

  2. I really love the way you write. I feel like I am reading a professional article. Very nice.

    Love is really worth every effort, risk and every disappointment.


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