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Let's sing a love song

At some point I had thought that at the mention of Love; smoke will rise, chains will be broken, deserts will grow peanut butter, and two will live happily ever after. While cupid will joyfully go gather more sticks for a new bow and a set of arrows. But it turns out love doesn’t quite add up that way. Sometimes we actually need to take a closer look; perhaps we will find that what we are given are tools only, and making things work out is entirely up to us, just like our predecessors. And generations to come will be given nothing different. It is that time again when we all sing the love song, when every single get the feeling that being alone is not particularly grand, when those in distressed relationships search for a little excitement in new arms, when those who barely know what letter ends the word love, jump in the band wagon – particularly teenagers. Not forgetting to mention that this is also that time when some want to end an old relationship and start a new one, without know

The invisible hand

A piece of the big puzzle once more is missing, economic worlds sink in the rubble. Someone, something, somewhere has unbalanced the equilibrium of man’s foolishness; man’s wisdom of men. Choices, tastes, trends and desires… but all the monies once more have wings to the wrong directions. The truth lost in-between recession and depression. Someone has unbalanced the balance Someone has a job to lose to the balance Someone’s to make a fortune to restore this balance Someone watches from a heavenly palace Copyright© J.ifeme