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One Night Stand

Ladies and ghetto men, whores and gentlemen. Men of moribund destinies, gather in lustful companies. Women of easy virtues, peddle infected bodies. This crowd of raging libido, high on weeds and liquor; Cast faith in thin rubbers. There is a frenzy of raw pleasure, some change for a ride at leisure. Veneral and Hechaivee in surplus , a take away to unsuspecting spouses. Wives and faithful ladies, will mother longevity-denied babies. The trade may thrive in the darkness, but the stars will bear witness. A new day a new one is taken, most times intents mistaken. For some it is the quest to belong, for some ripeness is taking too long. Others can’t tame curiosity, others take indignity for maturity. And for one man’s vanity, another loses virginity. © J.Ifeme

Where is the love?

Have you ever wondered why our first love is often the most obsessive? It may not necessarily be the truest, but it certainly is the freest, and largely devoid of deception. At that first time, we give everything and hold too tightly to everything because were yet to know that life does not expect us to hold onto everything, because some things are actually meant to just pass by. But our heart expects us to LOVE, in spite. And also, not much informed us how lousy a shot our emotion could be, that that one we love so truly may be deeply loving someone else who does not really love them in return, so a lot of love actually gets lost in between, giving way to so much pain on all sides; on all sides because when so much affection is directed to someone who doesn’t feel the same way, it will only amount to suffocation. Whether or not your heart started breaking at fifteen; we all grow up with a romantic picture of that perfect person, the so-called love of our life, the dream man/woman.

Sins and innocence

She sees and reminisces Of seas of pleasures once ‘swim med’… FOR A FEW EVERLASTING SECONDS THE WORLD WHIRLS ROUND HER.The ceiling swiftly falls, the fan in a mad twirl, she shut her eyes and screams; her voice slashing through the walls. A frenetic rush ensues beyond – feet, voices, creaks… doors banging, all in her head, as if the universe has suddenly gone bananas and her head is the amplifier to which all the madness is connected; just that she, she can’t unplug the wires.All of a sudden, there is order. She open her eyes slowly, reluctantly, her vision blurry for a while. Her scream has pulled in the doctor and his crowd of nurses, but they, like everything, are in their right places. Something inside her is suddenly appreciating her mother, though she hardly knew her. Father never allowed her to, always made her feel she wasn’t worth it even if he never said the words. But if her mother saw this, she was worth whatever she thinks of her now. She was gone too soon; first from he

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