Word is Woman

You could shower her with gifts, take her on that trip of a life time, and even be that superman; but if you never let it out in words, she would still be less than satisfied. So, one would dare to wonder: what is in a word for the woman?

More often, you will hear a woman say, ‘I know he loves me, but he still hasn’t said it.’ And you may think she is wanting too much. The fact is; she isn’t just going to walk away with that knowledge alone. She is a woman, and more than a lot of things, she lives on, and is greatly moved by words.

Long after the man thinks it’s over, or even forgets he ever said the words, the woman still rummages on the ‘I will’, the ‘yes’ and the ‘I love you’. Flimsy as they may seem to the man, the woman would give her heart, and more, to hear them over and over again. And they could be the reason she would leave her entire world to live in yours.

Much as words can make a woman glow, words provide the link to the woman’s greatest weakness; her looks. A woman will sow without wings when reminded of her beauty in words, and can be made to lose her self-grip or give in to a cause she shouldn’t have, just for the same reason. This, indeed, is where the man has a field day.

The lines of words to engage a woman hasn’t actually changed a lot over the years – they are only rephrased – but they still have the same effect; this is not a weakness (on the woman’s side), like a lot of men would want to believe, but a part of who a woman inherently is. She is the emotional, the comfort zone, and the mother. But above all, she wants to be courted, and nothing can take that away.

Still, the woman is highly aware, and strong in such ways a man can not be; but she needs to be attended to, she needs to be assured both in act and in words because she craves security, and when she finds these, she can make two life times out of one.
Though, words are for women, but never say a word to a woman if you don’t mean every alphabet of it.

© J.Ifeme

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  1. If something is difficult, it means opportunity to grow. Word is unique to human, and human the crown of creation.
    Just adding some wisdom from the sages:
    Women is the crown of man - if he is the king - she is addition, and above. Women can make a man more - the crown is what makes him a king. Shine her and she will make you shine. Yes - above, and she wants to be courted, and nothing can take that away. Certainly a king knows how to do that! Who doesn't know and wants to be a king, shall learn and grow above himself. That's the purpose.

    Woman can also bring man to fall - it depends from what side he chooses his women.

  2. This gives the "wow effect"...
    Brilliant piece...and yes you captured it strongly...indeed word is woman...and I like the last bit the most i.e
    "Though, words are for women, but never say a word to a woman if you don’t mean every alphabet of it."
    Yes yes yes...can't agree more...all liars shall be sniffed out...it's only a matter of time!!!

  3. am 3rd and proud.u are so very correct.words are important oh,very very importannt and i love to be reminded every now and then.
    remian on ur high and have a beautiful weeknd

  4. I quite agree and in as much as the woman is good enough to believe the man, men should strive so hard not to use this against them by using words that they do not mean just for some selfih reasons. thumbs up.

  5. love is the only thing that makes a woman the word

  6. Words have this special effect that usually surpass the effect of actions and as such, our thoughts and feelings need to be expressed much more constantly in words. It doesn't work only for women . . . Men are moved by words too (at least I am) especially when it comes from a woman one truly cares about.


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