Guys, lies and pretty eyes

Apart from those chance meetings where things rarely click, as humans – ‘civilized’, we often want to set up another rendezvous with the opposite sex.
We want to get to know each other better. So, on that first date, we must look our very best. The man searches out his best wears, or borrows some. If his car isn’t tidy enough, a day for make-over had come; yet he might use a friend’s just for the day if he hasn’t any.
Because the woman needs a good treat, maybe some flashy restaurant with impressive service charge would be a great Idea, however unaffordable it is to him. The woman needs to see him as capable, not to mention responsible.
The woman isn’t less busy too; this is the right day for the best attitude, and is supposed to be her sexiest, she would do most of the above, but the man has to pick up the bill.
On this first date, we are often perfect; looking drop dead gorgeous, saying the right things, making the right moves… what a pretense!
Because rather than getting better in-view of each other, our false representatives are busy living up fantasies and clouding up issues. The reality remains that we are up to another fixture governed by true lies.
The bottom line, however, is that while the woman believes the man is full of lies; the man agrees, more than anything else, that the woman loves nothing more than the lies. And consciously, or otherwise, we are caught up in a civilized game of lies, which brings us back to that illusion called first impression…
I don’t mean to say that people don’t perceive others’ personality on the first meeting or that it is wrong or unimportant, but when we deliberately set out to impress our dates, we may not be telling the exact truth about ourselves. This often leads to disappointments because sooner we get to realize that others’ representatives are not actually them.
What I wonder, basically, is why we have to put so much work into something that isn’t exactly true?
Find out what would happen if she knows you are broke, or aren’t so smart on the first date.
Does he still find you attractive without that perfect make-up and false smile and intelligence?
Perhaps, it is time to leave, and not live the lies.

© J.Ifeme


  1. jude, i am not sure where this will lead you, really.

  2. What is false intelligence? How does one pretend to be intelligent?? If one can pretend to be intelligent and the other person buys it, it means the other person isn't so smart after all.

    It's like the Sarah Palin thing! Every smart person knows she's dumb

  3. vera, i think you're correct, it doesn't take much to figure that out if one is smart, frankly i agree there are lots of pretense going on between the sexes. i doubt if we can help it really.

  4. I beg to differ...I believe people can actually pretend to be intelligent...seriously!...then you crack them up a bit and realise the intelligence is only on the surface...I call this people..."paper tigers"(don't know where I got that from!)...they have no depth but they act like they do...As much as first impressions last long,I still believe in being true to one's self...of 'cos not at the detriment of the other fellow...
    Great post!


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