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Why Not Sex

It is by every means a wonderful experience. From the magic arousal to the rush of pleasurable sensations which ushers you into to the act, till you hit the higher heavens of sensual climax; it is a journey that you would desire to span into eternity. However, something happens. It stops. You realize you have given away something so special. You feel lost, guilty. This journey isn’t going to be a long one after all. But that is not the end. If you are doing it for the first time or the hundredth, probably it is with that special someone in your life, mostly for the woman. You are doing it because you want him to be happy, you want him to know you appreciate all the wonderful things he’s done and bought you; and what again? You love him! You are dead wrong! Because man is by nature a sexual conqueror; he would do everything, including give the Trojan horse, to achieve his aims. If love is what you want, he fakes love to get his sex! It would also dawn on you that from the moment ‘you gi

Will Africa ever stop postponing development?

Housing for all by 2000! Electricity for all by 2000! Jobs for all by 2000!!! Anyone who witnessed the turn of this millennium would have been so familiar with those noises, that they would have believed that by this time, the woes of Africa would’ve flipped away like a boring page. But then the (much publicized) year 2000 came but quietly slipped away, and as usual, the general amnesia set-in and of course, we had to set another date to develop! Hurray!!! The new destination is 2010! What gets at me are not the failures (per se) that now seem imbedded the in various systems, but the alacrity at which these targets are changed; the swift repackaging of the same fundamentals. Basically, it is the bottle that changes; well, you know what happens to the content, they just pour it back in. One would say; only time knows how to deal with us (not perfectly though)… because that too (2010) will be here in matter of months! But come, African should be given some sort of award for ‘proble