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Does Love Work Over Distance?

“Distance is not barrier to things of the spirit.”
If you are conversant with this spiritual truth then some of the things I will be saying will be of immense interest.
Love is something that permeates the body (physical), and the soul (spiritual); therefore, distance should not be a barrier to love.
Out of sight may mean an absence by virtue of the fact that the body is physically unavailable, but does that explain spiritual consequences, like soul ties?
The point is, there is love as is naturally specified by God (which is selfless and pure, in giving) but we have over the centuries of man’s existence recreated it with all defiling sociological adornments like wealth, class, racial prejudice, and what have you? So now we talk about true love and what is not true.
Actually, there is a game of fate in life that can be (a lot of the time) devastating, to say the least: more often, that which one loves may not love them at all, or as much, or for whom they are not: consequently, if such indi…