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Between the slave and the plains Much deeper than his anguish and pains Under the sun and rain he remains Because he's fallen in love with his chains By:J.ifeme

no longer a saint

I no longer have to search your eyes or have to pluck the moral chords - I bear the smear of sinful living And come with the winds is the Guilt of filthy thinking...craving I despise the one who stares back In the mirror The soul has gone twelve And one a Judas I am no loger a saint What you did what you knew All i am By: J.ifeme


Come...lets go all the way It isn't enough to say we care Not always about what we say It is about what we fear When we don't know what to do We stop doing what is right For those we can't undo We fret, or put up a fight Let me love you from now Love hurts when we say forever This may confuse you somehow But you are my surrender By: J.ifeme

without answers

Too many questions Without answers Too many suggestions Leave me in tatters Too many faces wear the frown But I still wear the crown Too many mountains Leave me wondering Too many fountains In need of watering Too many survivors in this town But all they want is wear my crown J.Ifeme


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